Camp Terms & Conditions

Camp Terms & Conditions

As a free matching site for Families who are seeking financial assistance for summer camp tuition (Campership), the following is agreed by Camp.

All information entered into Camperships is accurate. Any changes in pertinent Camp information regarding potential Camperships will be adjusted as needed.

Camp has the right at any time to cancel a profile in order to stop Camp’s receiving of any potential Campership leads.

Camp information is not given to any Family by Camperships. Information on matches is given to Camp Directors who can, on their own accord, contact Families to discuss potential Camperships.

By enrolling in, Camp understands that one or more Camp Director may contact the same Family  regarding the Camp’s potential Camperships but no Families information will be give to more than three Camps.

All final decisions to make an offer for a Campership lie with the Camp Director.

Offer of a Campership will be made through the Campership website.

Upon acceptance of a Campership, Camp understands that Family will be expected to pay a deposit to Camp to confirm acceptance of the Campership offer. Any return of deposit, should a Family later decide have Camper attend Camp, is at the discretion of the Camp.

Family is responsible for completing any Camp specific forms.

Once Family has accepted a Campership, the Family profile will be hidden from other Camps and Family information will not be given to any additional Directors making contact information requests.

Camp agrees that by accepting these Terms and Conditions and by enrolling in Camperships, Camp is responsible for paying Camperships, a one time fee on each campers enrolled through Camperships, equal to 10% of the first year agreed upon tuition. Payment is due upon the start of the Camper’s Camp program.

It is further understood that any siblings, family members, or recommendations from families through Camperships are considered part of this one year agreement for 10% of tuition.

Camp indemnifies Camperships for any damages or additional costs incurred by acceptance of a Camperships referred camper.


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Camperships understand that finding the right campers can be a challenge. Maintaining a healthy balance between legacy campers and new campers while delivering a superior summer camp experience for everyone is not an easy task. The team at Camperships wants to take some of the pressure off. Learn more about how Camperships can help your team this year.

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