Camp FAQ

What about my standard camp forms and requirements?

Once you receive the acceptance of your Campership, you are free to send your own enrollment package and use any and all forms you typically use with any other family.

Once I make a “Campership” offer, then what?
Your Campership offer is submitted to the family for review and acceptance. If the family accepts your offer, you send them your typical enrollment package with terms and conditions and they are expected to remit a deposit to you. There are times where families will decline an offer due to a number of reasons. If they decline your offer, you will receive notification with reason.
Do uniform requirements and canteen fees apply?
Yes. Camperships is a tuition based scholarship program. If there are additional fees associated with your offer, including required uniform, canteen, trips, private lessons, etc. We ask that you include a detailed breakdown of all fees in your Campership offer.
I usually visit my camp families before acceptance, can I visit Campership families?
Yes. We encourage camps to follow the same vetting and interview process for all camp families.
I don’t want to be overwhelmed with Campership leads, how is that controlled?
As a Camp, you are in control of how you want to handle leads. You can choose to have a private or public profile.

If you choose to remain private, families do not see your information and cannot initiate communication with you. You review potential campers who “match” your criteria and you initiate contact with potential families. Camperships does all of the heavy lifting in terms of matching campers with camps through our proprietary software so you are only viewing candidates who meet your criteria. In the camp profile, you even have an option of determining when you want to receive updated leads.

If you choose a public profile, you will have the opportunity to create a digital profile of your camp. Your profile information will be seen by families who meet your criteria. Families will be able to initiate communication with you by sending a request for consideration through our system. Families with particular interest may use the public information to further review your camp and initiate more personal communication with a phone call or email.

How is my camp information protected?
Camperships is a secured site. Your camp information cannot be viewed by the general public and is only shared with registered families if you choose to have a public profile or you provide it to them directly.

Don’t see an answer to a question you have?

Drop us a line with your question and our team would be happy to help address your questions.