Camperships is a unique site that allows camp directors to offer scholarship opportunities, (“Campership”), to families whose son or daughter matches the camp’s overall personality and who are simply looking for financial assistance.  All at a fraction of traditional advertising and referral fees.

Traditional fund raising encourages camps to donate money to a central foundation with scholarships awarded to selected candidates chosen by a given foundation group. These fundraising organizations often offer free tuition for campers in need.  Camperships is designed to give any family looking for assistance, regardless of background, a chance to ask to assistance just as a student would while applying to college tuition assistance.

Campships allows camp directors the ability to donate “open spaces” and to choose their own select candidates that meet their camp’s specific criteria.  Enrolled families have no access to camp information until the camp initiates interest and decides they want to interview or offer a Campship to a select candidate. In allowing families to select their preferences and camps to identify their criteria, suggested matches are compatible from the start and basic information regarding timing, finances etc. have already been matched.

Camperships flexible format allows for both camps and families (seeking tuition assistance) to meet in a simple, non-threatening online format.  Camps, who have openings, regardless of when during the recruiting season, can choose to offer assistance as a Campership under its own terms.  This allows camps to fill open slots while assisting a deserving family at the same time.  Camperships have no restrictions on discounts and are totally at the descretion of the camp.

Additionally Camperships….

Offers additional camp advertising at no cost to our partner campers.  Every extra camper helps!

Gives Directors a way of looking at “needs” in their camper demographic.  Just make a few changes in costs, activities, etc., and Camperships become a research tool for directors.




Are you a Family Interested in sending your child to camp?

As parents and previous camp directors, we understand that even a small difference in offered tuition can make affording the right camp for your child(ren) a reality. We also know how overwhelming this selection process can be. Learn more about how Camperships can help you make the best camp selection and assist financially with a Campership.

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Are you a camp interested in getting involved?

Camperships understand that finding the right campers can be a challenge. Maintaining a healthy balance between legacy campers and new campers while delivering a superior summer camp experience for everyone is not an easy task. The team at Camperships wants to take some of the pressure off. Learn more about how Camperships can help your team this year.

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