Family FAQ

How far in advance do Camperships become available?
Most camps operate on rolling enrollment, although the majority of camperships are offered in the spring time there may be camperships available during the winter holidays.
What if I need to change my criteria?
You can change the criteria for your child (ren) at any time by clicking the “Campership Criteria” tab and adjusting your preferences.
What if something happens and we are unable to send our child to camp after enrolling?
Life happens! Communication between you and the camp is important. You must communicate any changes in plans with the camp in accordance with the camps terms and conditions.
Are there any other fees or costs such as uniforms that I need to expect?

Camperships are based on tuition only. Camps requiring additional uniform or other costs are required to provide a detailed outline in the official Campership offer.

Please Note: that Campership offers typically do not include transportation to and from camp or medical screening that may be needed as a condition of enrollment. Camperships also may not include optional extra programs such as private lessons that are added services. Full details should be confirmed with the camps directly.

Can a camp withdraw my Campership offer?
Camps extending an offer are committed to accepting your child’s application for enrollment at the rate outlined in the offer. You will be expected to agree to the camp’s terms and conditions of enrollment. Enrollment can be withdrawn if those terms and conditions are violated.
Will I be able to speak with a Camp before accepting a Campership offer?
Yes. Camps will usually initiate a telephone or personal interview before extending a formal offer.
Is it possible to get more than one Campership offer?
Yes. If your child’s profile fits more than one camp, you may be contacted by more than one camp. It is important that you consider your options carefully, however, if you do not make a commitment before the expiration date of the offer, the camp can withdrawal the offer and extend the opening to another camper.
Do I reach out to camps or do they reach out to me?
Camperships allows camps the ability to choose a public profile or a private profile. If camps choose a public profile, they are permitting their profile to be seen upon matching criteria and are accepting communication initiated from families through the Camperships system. With a private profile, camps have decided to review camper profiles and to initiate communication with families that match their criteria.
How do I help increase my child’s opportunity of being selected for a Campership?
Be honest but flexible. Provide as much information about your child’s experience and skills and how a camp experience would not only benefit him/her but what he/she has to offer others. Add a photo or a video to personalize your profile. If your child is elite in a particular skill or sport, a photo or video to demonstrate this may impress camp directors. It is also very important to be realistic with your financial ability. Do not select a higher tuition range than you can afford. The Camperships model only works if the camper information and family abilities are accurate.

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